BPO Activities - Domestic & International

The barriers to entry in the financial BPO services business are not very high, particularly for lower value services such as accounting transcription. This is evident in the highly disaggregated nature of the market, and lack of clear market leadership in the lower value services.

a) Ability to offer a combination of data, software and accounting services under one roof, that is required to offer a complete solution

Our competitors have either strong accounting service capabilities or application software capabilities. Few are able to offer the combination of data processing, management, customized application development and strong accounting capabilities that we are able to offer.

b) Ability to optimize process automation with manual intervention

Unlike many low-cost financial BPO service providers, our value proposition is not to provide infrastructure and labour at cheap rates; nor do we throw large numbers of people to solve a simple task. We have become very good at designing and automating large data processing tasks in innovative ways. We derive additional competitive advantage when the process requires intelligent manual intervention despite automation.

c) Project experience, Size and Client base

The fact that we have been around for over 20 years and remained focused within the financial and accounting BPO industry from the last 10 years, have a staff strength with rich resume of varied project experience and well-known clients whic lends us credibility and competitive advantage, particularly over our competitors.

Our Management Consultancy Division renders a wide range of services, which include the following:

Finance & Accounts
Human Resources
Tax (Direct & indirect)
Data Analytics
Fixed Assets Management
Reconciliation – parties, banks and inter countries
MIS & Budgeting
Transaction processing


Accounts Outsourcing

Not every business has the skills or resource to adequately fulfil its obligations or needs to prepare accounts. But every business needs accounts - whether it just is the annual figures to calculate the tax liability or the monthly information to manage develop and grow the business.

We provide both permanent and temporary solutions to the business owner
We prepare their annual accounts.
We prepare periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly) management accounts to assist organistaions to run your business and to help quickly identify and react to any financial opportunities or threats to their business.
We maintain accounting records.
We help clients understand the financial implications of this information for their business.
We help clients to resolve short-term accounts staff shortages
MIS & Budgeting
Transaction processing

Payroll Processing

For many businesses, no matter how large or small, the monthly payroll can be a chore, but one that cannot be ignored. Talk to us about our payroll bureau service and we can take away the headaches associated with calculating employee salaries. Not only will we execute salary calculations, but we’ll prepare secure payslips, arrange the payment of salaries by preparing Bank transfers, advise in bank specific formats, and provide you with a detailed summary of all the transactions.VKA will take care of the all the Income Tax forms as well.

In addition, we are able to offer advice on obtaining dispensations from the Income Tax Authorities in relation to benefit packages. We can also assist you with advice in relation to personnel matters such as redundancy payments and termination payments. our services also include management of statutory/ voluntary retrial benefits.

Through our strategic alliances, we provide advice on structuring benefit packages for your employees.